Craft and Design Technology shows us the practical nature of the world around them, and of the technological and constructional design which makes their daily existence possible.   Science and the application of Science are central to our economic future and to our health and wellbeing as individuals and as a society. The knowledge and skills gained through the Sciences can open doors to careers in many different sectors.

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The S.T.E.M Faculty in Whitburn Academy consists of the following departments:


Science is an important part of our heritage and we use its applications every day in our lives at work, at leisure and in the home.

Creative Design Technology

The department offers Engineering Science, Graphic Communication and Practical CDT/ Woodwork . In the 21st Century the impact of these subjects is all around us in the products and materials of modern life.


Biology qualifications allow learners to investigate the applications of biology in society and the environment.


Chemistry qualifications cover a variety of contexts relevant to chemistry's impact on the environment and society through the chemistry of the Earth's resources, the chemistry of everyday products and environmental analysis.


Physics qualifications give learners an insight into the underlying nature of our world and its place in the universe. From the sources of the energy we use, to the exploration of space, Physics covers a range of applications of the relationships that have been discovered through experiment and calculation.