It is this breadth of learning that permits young people to use the subjects either as specialist interest or as an excellent foundation for any career. In a rapidly changing world it is the transferable skills that dominate the Expressive Arts Faculty that will permit pupils to be flexible, imaginative and resilient in their future lives.

The Expressive Arts Faculty is split into three departments.   These are: Art and Design, Drama and Music.

The departments offer great opportunities for pupils to expand their learning out from the classroom, whether that is competition in sport, art exhibitions and national competitions, construction challenge or performance in concerts.

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The departments within the Expressive Arts Faculty are:

Art and Design

Find out what the course outline is for Art and Design and what is offered to students.


The school offers the following SQA levels in Music.


Have you ever noticed how many names there are on the credits to a film? Or how many people get a mention in any theatre programme? It is easy to forget the wide range of people who work on all aspects of any creative project, to get it off the ground.