Senior Phase Raising Attainment Information Video

The Senior Phase Raising Attainment Video gives information for pupils and their parents / carers on how to effectively prepare for SQA Exams and to get the best grade possible.   The video can be found on the school YouTube page via the following link: (opens new window)

SQA Exam Timetables

The SQA examinations are an important part of most courses that our S4 - S6 pupils take.   To check when each exam is taking place and to build your own timetable, click on the link below. (Please Note: some exam times might be slightly different than those on the SQA website. Please refer to the exam timetable issued by the school for the correct timings for Whitburn Academy). Each pupil is also issued with their own personalised exam timetable by the school.

Early receipt of SQA certificates for Group Awards

Some SQA courses being offered at Whitburn Academy are not standard SQA courses but are SQA Group awards. The way SQA operate the certificates for Group awards differs from standard SQA awards: SQA produce certificates as soon as all Group award units are complete.

Most pupils doing at least one Group award will receive more than one SQA certificate. However, for any pupil doing any standard SQA course, there will also be the usual certificate run in early August.

    Important information for Pupils studying National 5 or Higher English:

    All pupils submitting National 5 and Higher folios must make sure that their creative and discursive pieces are typed onto a portfolio template with the text inside the margins on the page.   Templates can be downloaded from the downloads section at the foot of the page.  The font is pre-formatted so avoid changing this.  The word document can be opened and typed directly on to.  You can also copy over your existing text (just make sure that it is pasted inside the margins of the new template).

    For anyone who wishes to hand-write their essay, the PDF version of the template can be printed out. Please see your teacher if you need help with this.