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Your school's Parent Council is designed to be parent-friendly - it's a great opportunity to become more involved!

The dates of the next scheduled Parent Council meetings are Wednesday 24th March 2021 and Wednesday 12th May 2021.   Should you wish to attend either meeting, please contact the Parent Council Chair, Ruth Blair in advance of the meeting to ensure that you receive an invite to join the Skype meeting.   You can contact Ruth by emailing the school office at Please include the title 'F.A.O. Parent Council' in your email.

Please consider supporting the school in this way, meetings are held every 4-6 weeks and will be accessed virtually for the time being. Due to the nature of the virtual meetings parents/carers/staff will need to request to be included which can be done through an email to the school office again F.A.O Parent Council and you will receive a link to the meeting on the day before so that everyone who requests to be added can be added.

Whitburn Academy Parent Council's Aims:

  • Work collaboratively with the Head Teacher, and all staff to ensure that the school runs in an effective and respectful manner.
  • Provide a forum for parents and carers to communicate on all aspects of school life and ensure all communications are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Work together to foster good relationships and a positive image between the school, the pupils, parents and the community. 
  • Enhance both the educational and personal development of all our children in a fully inclusive, safe and welcoming environment which ensures that all children have the opportunities to support their success in the future.