Media Studies looks into different areas of the Media such as the written press and television broadcasting.   Also in Modern Languages, pupils get to learn a new language which opens up new opportunities either for a future career or even just being able to ask questions or understand what is being said whilst on holiday!

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The Languages and Literacy Faculty in Whitburn Academy offers the following subjects:


Being competent in English is the key to success in many aspects of life and work. Skills in English Language and Communication are important in most occupations.

Media Studies

At Whitburn Academy we offer Media as a 'crash' subject in S5 and S6. It is available at National 4, 5 and Higher level.


French is offered at the following levels


In line with the governments 1+2 Languages Policy, all pupils in S3 undertake Language 2 (French) as part of their Broad General Education. Learning in Language 3 (Spanish) is provided as a block within the S3 BGE course, allowing young people to build on their knowledge and skills in L3. It is not currently possible to undertake Spanish as an additional language in S3, however each year the school explores this option through the pathways process. Further information about the 1+2 Policy can be found on the Scottish Government and Education Scotland websites.