Below are links to information about some of the resources that we use and information on internet safety.

Remote Learning

Everything you need to know about Remote Learning


Didbook is an online resource where pupils can record and showcase the best of what they've achieved in and outside of school.


Glow is the Scottish Schools National Intranet. This is a major national ICT and telecommunications programme managed by Education Scotland.

Internet Safety

Most of us are 'connected' via our laptops, mobile phones, tablets or personal computer.

Bring Your Own Device

At Whitburn Academy we believe there are many learning opportunities afforded by the use of mobile devices in the classroom, including: easy access to the internet; the ability to use forums for educational discussion; the ability to record audio and video; the ability to search and to share new information.

Technology Used

At Whitburn Academy, we are very keen to pursue new technology and to introduce it across the school.

Arcade Machine

In 2014, Whitburn Academy's Computing Science and CDT departments embarked on an exciting joint project - to build an Arcade Machine!